Make A Donation Today!

Donations are a part of our core funding!

Donations received through our new website come directly to the Goulais Fire & Rescue Volunteers and are put to good use in the form of maintaining and purchasing essential equipment.

Donations are welcome of any size, as every bit helps!

Ask about Charitable Receipts for Income Tax purposes.

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Join us today!

We are always looking for dedicated volunteers!

This volunteer position will be different from any other that you have had before.  Being a member of Goulais Fire & Rescue takes a lot of time and commitment.  We respond to about 190 emergency calls per year and train once per week. 

We also participate in special events such as Community Days and Fire Prevention Week.

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Is your wood stove safe?                                 



Improperly installed and maintained wood stoves and fireplaces can lead
to dangerous conditions that put you, your family and neighbours at risk.

                                            Follow the rules
When purchasing a new wood stove or fireplace insert, look for the mark 
of an accredited certifaction agency that ensures the product has been
tested an meets established safety standards.
The Ontario Fire Code requires homeowners ensure their home heating 
applicances and chimneys are safe. This requires periodic inspections 
and maintenance.

               Tips for maintaining your wood burning appliance
                          Inspect and Clean your Chimney
                          Cap it off
                          Check stove popes and connections
                          Protect Floors and walls from heat and sparks
                          Burn dry wood
                          Remove ashes safely
                          Install Carbon Monoxide alarms


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