Make A Donation Today!

Donations are a part of our core funding!

Donations received through our new website come directly to the Goulais Fire & Rescue Volunteers and are put to good use in the form of maintaining and purchasing essential equipment.

Donations are welcome of any size, as every bit helps!

Ask about Charitable Receipts for Income Tax purposes.

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Join us today!

We are always looking for dedicated volunteers!

This volunteer position will be different from any other that you have had before.  Being a member of Goulais Fire & Rescue takes a lot of time and commitment.  We respond to about 190 emergency calls per year and train once per week. 

We also participate in special events such as Community Days and Fire Prevention Week.

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               Remember there is no daytime burning

                                     April 1 to October 31

                             Ministry of Natural Resources

               go to outdoor buring



                              Find: Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry offices                                     


                The April Hopkin/ Goulais RIver "Volunteer of the year"
award.  This pestigious award is presented on Community Day to 
any Goulais River resident who gives freely of his or her time.  
Nominees can contribute to any organization or cause in our community
If you know someone who deserves this award please contact Goulais

                            Fire & Rescue and tell us why.

                                   Previous Receipients
                  Bonnie Dunn 2004         Ross Cutmore205
         Blair Breckenridge 2006         Paul Olar 2007
             Christa Wright   2008         Theresa Smith 2009   
            Martie McMillan  2010          Dave Leveille 2011
                Glynn Rouse  2012          Kelly Moskal 2013

                  Jeff Bowen   2014          Kelly L'Heureux 2015

              Randy Mattioli  2016

                             Containers are available at 
        The Country Store, Northwinds Rest. Timberland Store
                               and Canada Post Office 
              to drop off your nomination before June 26, 2017

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